Vanessa Farfán , Mexico City 1977.


The physical structures of cities and its relation with the culture that inhabits is the main topic of her work. Her artwork is the result of an experimentation process which succesive phases habe a connection close to the autopoiesis, i.e. a self-contained operation where not only one, but different art works materialize.

The effects of the digitalization in the urban structures is the aspect on which she is currently working; the contingency, the individual cases and the mistakes are taked for her not as antagonism of the digitalization of everyday life, but as aesthetic nodes in the human-digital interaction.

Farfán's work includes: drawing, Painting, collage, 3D models and recently the creation of a machine to create analog cartograms of digital structures.

She studied at the Fine Arts Institute in Mexico City and a Master in arts at the Kunsthochschule Berlin Weissensee. She has participated in solo and group shows in Mexico, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxemburg, Czech Republic, Germany and China.

Her work has been awarded by the General Direction of Culture of the European Comission (2010) and the Museum Fluxus+ (2017).